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Meet the Owner


Armin Feldman, M.D.


For the past 10 years Armin has been consulting to attorneys on medical issues.  Armin has consulted on several hundred legal cases covering a broad range of medical issues and questions.  He has experience in personal injury, workers compensation, insurance bad faith and many other kinds of cases.  Armin has sat in and observed hundreds of Independent Medical Exams and written IME rebuttal reports.

Armin has over 20 years experience in general medicine and psychiatry.  Armin has extensive experience concerning mild traumatic brain injury and owned outpatient clinics that provided head injury rehabilitation.  

Armin also has access to a wide range of physicians in several specialties with whom he can consult or should he feel the case is best served by a particular specialist. 

Currently, Dr. Feldman has an inactive Colorado license.