Medico Legal Consultants of Arizona
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Meet the Medical Director of Medico Legal Consultants of Arizona:


Chasby Sacks, M.D., C.I.M.E., M.B. B.Ch., FAACS, FICS.


For many years Dr. Sacks has been practicing the art and science of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and now together with other Physicians and Surgeons with diverse experiences from around the country is involved in consulting to attorneys on diverse medical issues. 

Dr. Sacks is Board Certified by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME), and holds the prestigious C.I.M.E. certification and is also a member in good standing of the American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians (AADEP)-now called IAIME or International Academy of Independent Medical Examiners.

Especially in the pre-trial and pre-litigation process the mission of the group is to provide a Medical report at a reasonable cost, saving the attorney time while ensuring that a well researched evidence based outcome is available.

All these Physicians have consulted on many hundreds of legal cases covering a broad range of medical issues and questions. They have experience in personal injury, workers compensation, insurance bad faith and many other kinds of cases. 

 Dr. Sacks also has access to a wide range of physicians in several specialties with whom he can consult or should he feel the case is best served by a particular specialist. 

Currently, Dr. Sacks has an active Arizona license.